About Me

woman cyclist


My name is Isabella Hill, the Founder and Editor of mountaingardabike.com. An independent journalist originally from Portland, Oregon, I sold my car to pay for my move to Houston, Texas. I quickly learned to love biking while getting around this beautiful town. I believe in the power of independent journalism and that more people biking more places safely is an excellent thing for our society.

My vision is to help create a vibrant community where diverse people use bicycles to stay connected and healthy. I believe that all people around the world, regardless of income or background, should have the opportunity to experience the happiness, freedom, and health benefits of bicycling. This is the motivation behind everything that I do.

I’ll look at ways to build pathways to employment and engagement within the growing bicycle movement around the world by providing training for new advocates, mechanics, leaders, and educators. My goal is to help build a healthy, sustainable world for all community members. To reach me, please contact me here.