Top Mountain Biking Trails on Different Parts of the World

The world's best mountain biking spots

Mountain biking is a pure adrenaline rush as you race past trees down narrow trails while single-handedly making it over numerous obstacles. It’s truly a sport that can get dangerous without the proper training, but if you’re so into this hobby, then you understand the want to find and ride the most amazing trails out there.

In this article, we will help you find the next trail you would want to go to. These trails are located all across the globe and are open for all mountain bikers. To know more about them, keep reading and see which one is next to your list!


  1. The Whole Enchilada (Utah)

This trail spans 54.8 kilometers and it covers every type of terrain and landscape you have ever dreamed of conquering. You start out at 10,000 feet and climb about another 1,400 to Burro Pass, then the downhill insanity starts. You will also go through wooded forests, Aspen Pinelands, creeks, then down open prairie land and through miles of technical and crazy steep singletrack. Then after all of these, you finally end up at the Colorado River.

Mountain Biking in Utah

Riders hail this as the most diverse and by far the most fun ride they have done. So, it’ll be an adventure you will plan on doing again and again. Also, since it is rare to go without at least one flat tire, make sure to bring extra inner tubes. 


  1. The Old Ghost Road (New Zealand)

The Old Ghost Road is New Zealand’s longest singletrack and a must-do for experienced cyclists in search of the ultimate backcountry ride. This trail has come to life because the builders have resurrected an old gold miner’s route between the ghost town of Lyell and Seddonville on the West Coast. It spans 85 kilometers point-to-point which will have you climbing for a day through the green of the temperate rainforest before bursting above the tree line with views of rolling hill, after hill, after hill.

New Zealand Old Ghost Road mountain biking trail

What makes this the cutting edge of cross-country mountain biking is its ability to traverse such an awesome wilderness on purpose-built, flowing track, staying overnight in remote huts. The views will be amazing, and this advanced ride will be something you can brag about for the rest of your life.


  1. Lupra Pass (Nepal)

The entire country of Nepal is covered in mountains, which makes biking the perfect way to get around to see the sights. In the depths of the Himalayas, you’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s tallest mountains which will leave you lost for words. After a 300-meter scrabble to a lofty height of 4,100 meters through the Lupra Pass, you’ll be rewarded with a solid vertical kilometer altitude dump filled with fast, flowing, dusty singletrack.

lupra pass mountain biking down hill

It’s not all just mountains because, after a series of steep switchbacks, you’ll traverse a long suspension bridge before taking to the dried-up river bed for some rubbly riding. Also, this is less of a trail and more of a multi-day journey, so it is recommended you find a trail guide to help you navigate the landscape.


  1. Mefjellet (Norway)

Adventures along the Mefjellet is commonly done through the foot, but it gets more fun if you throw a bike into the mix. There are so many magnificent views for you to see as you travel along the fjords of Norway. The towering peak of Mefjellet is almost a daunting prospect as you stare upward, bobbing on the turquoise waters of the fjord far below. You’ll earn every one of the 1,100 meters as you bike and hike your way skyward atop the glacier-carved ridgeline surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

mefjellet mountain bike adventure

This is an advanced trail, and should only be ridden by those proficient in their craft as it can become quite difficult to navigate as it goes on. But through this, you’ll enjoy an expedition in the fjords of Norway to experience Norway at its most wild and raw.



There are several amazing trails that can be found around the world and each of them offers something different. Each of them is full of great sceneries and history, too. So, I hope this list has somehow helped you with where to go next for that mountain biking. Once ridden, never forgotten!